Monday, September 13, 2004

And Then There Were None

I decided that I don't like to read blogs of people I know. Blogs by total strangers are somewhat interesting, but not those by friends or relatives. I think that's because, with a stranger's blog, I feel as if I am peeking into his or her life without anyone knowing I'm there. I mean, that person doesn't know me, doesn't know I'm reading the blog, and will probably never meet me at the local McDonald's or anything. There's a sick sense of the voyeuristic in the whole process.

But with a friend or family member, I already know this person. Probably anything I read won't surprise me, won't catch me off guard, won't be part of the newness of getting to know someone. In fact, sometimes I'm actually IN the person's blog, in which case, really, what's the point? I could be reading things on a Myst fan site instead, but nooo, I'm reading a blog about something I actually participated in.

There's no-hobbies, and then there's that. Even I know how far not to stoop.

Well, mostly.

I'm sitting here looking up above my monitor and I see all the empty game boxes I've put on top of the wall-mounted CD rack. Boxes from PC games like The Longest Journey, Missing, Beyond Atlantis (I and II), Mysterious Journey II, Dark Fall, both Syberias, Forever Worlds (sucks) and, naturally, realMyst and Uru, along with smaller boxes of more minor, inexpensive games. (Games that cost about the price of a Subway footlong on an off day.)

I realize that, with rare exceptions, I haven't ever finished half these games. They're all installed on this computer in mid-game, me rarely finding good lengths of time to sit and play games any more. Then I realize that Myst IV is due out around September 30, and I wonder if I'll ever see my friends and family again after that. (I've made the dreadful mistake of insisting I won't use a walkthrough at all this time. I fear I shall fall off the face of the earth by Christmas.)

In the meantime, I'm trying to get a free iPod online but no one I know will sign up for the freebie offers. (Note: Anyone who wants to help me out, let me know! I'm just desperate enough at this point.) Honestly, it's quickly becoming a matter of principle. Even if I had $300 fall into my lap, I don't think I'd use it to buy an iPod. I'm going to spend probably $1000 of my free time getting a "free" one instead. And pissing off all my friends in the meantime, apparently.

Novel #2 (which keeps renaming itself) continues to work itself out in my head, while I desperately try to find time to actually WRITE it. I think the working title is now DO-IT-YOURSELF WIDOW. Catchy, isn't it? And perky and upbeat?

Well, okay, weird. That's good enough.

I keep catching myself looking askance at the countertop to my left, at my empty coffeepot. It's 9 p.m. and the last thing I should do is make myself a pot of coffee, but it's so tempting. Brewing a pot o'coffee always feels like rolling up my proverbial sleeves and starting a good work day, no matter what time it is. But, alas, it's Monday evening and not the right day to be making coffee at 9 p.m. I now work outside the house only on Mondays and Tuesdays, so tomorrow night would work fine for coffee. From Tuesday evening till Friday morning, my time and schedule are my own. So, it's back to night-owlhood for me, starting with this week. And the coffee will help me make sure I get some work done.

After all, DO-IT-YOURSELF WIDOW can mull around in my brain only so long before I either go insane or write it all down and let it out.

Those of you who know me have already mentally voted on this issue. But hey! What the fuh are you doing reading the blog of somebody you know? Don't you realize how pathetic that is?

I'm eyeing those game boxes way too much right now.


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