Friday, July 29, 2005

I'm too old for Xanga...

This was originally posted on a Xanga site, but I'm back home at my blog site now.

I can't get Xanga's "Currently Listening To..." button thingy to work. Figures. Well, for those who care, I'm Currently Listening To Maroon 5's "Harder to Breathe" (my favorite). I recently got a better stereo speaker set for my computer, complete with a subwoofer, and I put the woofer doggy thing on the floor and the speakers on the desk (which is actually just two long conference tables set in an L-shape along two walls). So now I have to actually be careful that I don't annoy my teenagers with my loud blaring music.

Oh, the sweet irony of that.

Yeah, sure, as soon as I say the "Currently Listening To..." button thingy isn't working, I try again and it works. Story of my life.

I'm proud of myself. Today I got on Real Rhapsody BEFORE one of my kids logged in (which locks out everyone else). So now I can monopolize the account all day if I'm smart. It's kinda like the choice parking spot out in front of your house: In Pittsburgh you'd better put an old dinette chair there to hold your spot while you run down to the Foodland for hot dog buns. Otherwise, some yokel will swipe your spot while you're gone and you won't get it back till morning when everyone goes to work.

Hey, kids: Consider this my virtual dinette chair. Ha. One in a row.

I just rearranged the furniture in my office ... again. I always get a burst of energy when I do that, especially when the furniture actually fits better than before. This new arrangement seems to be optimal. I can see people sneaking up on me coming into my office (which has no door on it ... not that any of my kids would actually KNOCK first). I can see the TV off to the right if I want to. I can reach the scanner without a stepladder. I can reach the DVD-CD drives without using a broom handle. And I even have a separate laptop stand that tilts and angles (and has casters) off in the far corner where I'm keeping the AlphaSmart Neo handy.

Add on the dorm fridge, the coffeemaker, the phone, the inkjet and laser printers, the two bookcases filled with writing-related books, and the cool black flat-panel monitor, and you've got a haven right in my own home.

I would have mentioned the Health Rider ... but that makes the place a torture chamber, not a haven. Trust me.

Look at the time. Gotta go. Places to go. People to see. Food to eat. Things to do. Errands to run. Food to eat. (Oh, did I already mention that one?)


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