Thursday, August 18, 2005

By George, I think she had it!

It's time to get the ol' blog up and running regularly again. My several fans insist that I type something in here every aeon or two, and one look at the Mickey Mouse watch on my wrist tells me another aeon has ticked by while I was busy doing important things like rearranging the furniture in my office and tinkering with vintage personal electronics. Time to start using those electronic devices toward the self-aggrandizement I so richly deserve.

But enough about me.

Well, no, actually. Not enough about me. This is the place you several people go to catch up on info about me. "Me" would be pretty much the whole point of you coming here.

So, here are some short items I'm involved in or working on at the moment:

1. Novel #2 (tentatively titled DO-IT-YOURSELF WIDOW) is coming along nicely. Last month, I had spent much of a whole day trying to work out a plot problem that was keeping me from finishing the book. (It's always good for your novel to have an ending. Readers like endings.)

Throughout the day (which I was spending at a local church camp with my two daughters), I found stray moments alone in which to think about this plot dilemma, but nothing clicked. I was worried I'd end up scrapping the whole piece in favor of another novel I'm working on. And, how was I ever going to finish THAT novel in time for the upcoming mid-October deadline for the novel contest I wanted to enter? I'm already starting to suffer from deadline anxiety with the WIDOW project. I wouldn't have nearly enough time with the other novel.

Amazingly, I fell asleep that night still trying to get through the plot problems. Just as I was drifting off, though, it hit me: The Solution! And, even more amazing, when I awoke on Friday morning, I hadn't forgotten it! So I felt I could forge ahead and get this baby finished, perhaps even edited and tweaked nicely, in time for the contest deadline.

And now, after a horrible first-half of August, I can't remember the idea.

I've been watching too many episodes of Six Feet Under, I think. Or maybe it's those reruns of Survivor on OLN.




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