Thursday, February 16, 2006

I Think I'm Gonna Hurley!

Hurley's Here! Hurrah!

Well, little month-old Hurley came home with us tonight after a casual trip to PetSmart in Monaca. He's upstairs feeling overwhelmed in his new big, open-topped cage (2 feet by 3 feet), but earlier we were holding him calmly (his eyes kept closing halfway when I petted him) and he seemed to relax and enjoy being petted, even lying his head on your chest and squealing a little bit. He's in his little plastic igloo right now, up in my office, but we'll acclimate him a little better once I'm back up in the office and working.

I won't get to take a picture till tomorrow, so till then, I found a pic on the 'net that looks a lot like him (but this is an adult version):

The name "Hurley" has gotten the most votes across the board, but votes are still being taken for alternate names, including (but not limited to):

Jeff, Bob, Richard, Daryl, and maybe Amadeus

If you have a preference, vote now! He's here and he needs a name. We don't want the little guy to end up with an identity crisis or anything....


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